When the basics simply won't suffice, Pace Performance Coatings will take into consideration all of your requirements to supply you with the best powder, plastic, or liquid coats available. From energy-saving coats to graffiti-resistant coats, Pace Performance Coatings will find the coating that fit your needs.

Chemical-Resistant Coating

  • Low-temperature curing
  • Superb spraying properties
  • Cost and energy savings

Flexible Coating

  • Reduced material handling issues
  • Lower transportation/packaging costs
  • Protech proprietary technology

Ultra-Thin Coating

  • Superb transfer efficiency and smooth appearance
  • Time, energy, and space savings
  • Less packaging for environmental benefits

Heat-Resistant Coating

  • Available in outdoor formulation
  • Excellent corrosion and impact resistance

Low-Friction Coating

  • Excellent chemical, stain, and scratch resistance

UV-Resistant Coating

  • Extreme weather performance and UV resistance
  • Does not require a primer when coating
  • Superb abrasion, corrosion, and mar resistance

Anti-Microbial Coating

  • Protects over an extended period of time
  • Releases more silver ions in increased humidity
  • Can be formulated for exterior durability

Exposure-Resistant Coating

  • Excellent corrosion protection and UV durability
  • Outstanding mechanical properties and flexibility
  • QUALICOAT Class 2 - Category 3 approved

Soft-Touch Coating

  • Available in a non-tarnish e-bond metallic
  • Superior over-bake resistance

Anti-Graffiti Coating

  • Outstanding corrosion and weather resistance