If your equipment needs extreme wear, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, look towards Pace Performance Coatings' thermoplastic offerings instead of thermoset coatings. These coatings are thicker, more flexible and resilient to many forms of material stresses, making it an excellent coat when part durability is vital.

Functional Thermoplastic

  • Outstanding hardness properties
  • Excellent flow properties for smooth finishes
  • Primer-less coating
  • Low-cost alternative to nylon-based coatings

Self-Adhering PVC

  • Primer-less coating
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Significant cost savings

High-Performance PVC

  • Outstanding durability, steam, and stain resistance
  • Ideal for dishwasher, dryer, or freezer racks

Shatter-Resistant PVC

  • Developed as a safety coating for fragile products
  • Reduces the risk of shattering upon contact
  • Available in transparent colors
  • Ideal for light bulbs and high-end chandeliers

Mid-Grade PVC

  • Meets FDA standards for direct food contact
  • Outstanding impact and chemical resistance
  • Excellent flexibility qualities

Standard Grade PVC

  • Meets requirements of wire-goods manufacturers
  • Available in low-smoke plasticizer technology